25 February 2010

The wind has changed

I am finally starting to feel human again - one week before I hit the second trimester! This is almost the exact same timing as with Champ and I am so relieved it doesn't look like I'll be one of those women who are sick until 18 weeks or something else equally as daunting.

Also with the lift in nausea comes a change in my mood. I am a very bad first trimester pregnant lady. So much so that it has caused Cowboy to ask 'is there such thing as pre-natal depression?'.

I reminded him that while I was pregnant with Champ he (sensibly) waited until I hit the 12 week mark to remark that he was glad my mood improved because he 'was beginning to wonder if I really wanted this baby' as I was so depressed.

For now, the hormone craziness seems to have eased and I am now just anxiously awaiting my 12 week scan next Friday.

15 February 2010


Things are just chugging along here at the Lemoncake Household. Not much home cooking or cleaning is being done and I am concentrating on the basic art of survival and spending any available energy reserves on maintaining some of the good life for Champ.

I have decided that pregnancy reminds me a lot of international travel. Before you have done it you think it will be really cool and glamorous. Then you realise it is actually a worrisome, very uncomfortable and long way to get to where you want to go (albeit a very remarkable and awe inspiring one).

Talking of international travel, we have book flights for Hong Kong and the Philippines (Cowboy's birth country) for March. I am really hoping that my morning sickness has gone and left me with a second trimester glow and contentment by then.

08 February 2010


Lucky to have a strong heartbeat (169 bpm); Lucky to be tall (2 cm crown to rump); Lucky to be here.

I was also lucky to not require the wand, full bladders are very uncomfortable but external ultrasounds are a lot easier.

Ultrasound went great. Lucky was measuring big (8w5d as opposed to 8w1d) but that is more in line with when I believe I ovulated given my short cycles (day 12), which would have me at 8w3d. Allowing for a couple of days measuring error means I am pretty much on track. Or maybe he/she will just be tall!

I have finally started to believe that I might actually get a baby out of this in September.

07 February 2010

Tomorrow; Eight Weeks; Ultrasound

Tomorrow is my first scan for this pregnancy. I chose to wait until 8 weeks because I got the scan earlier at 6 weeks with Muscles and still went on to miscarry 3 weeks later. I know 8 weeks doesn't guarantee the scan to be more accurate, but I just felt better waiting as bit longer. I think the 8 week scan will mean more to me than a 6 week scan.

I don't really know what to expect. I have had 6 week scans twice now and always needed the 'wand' and had a 10 week scan with Champ and didn't need it. I don't know what I prefer actually, I hate the full bladder feeling needed for an external ultrasound, but wands aren't as feel good as they sound either. I'll be sure to fill you in on all that detail tomorrow!

I have spent this weekend at my Mum's house with Champ and I being totally spoiled while Cowboy has been away at a weekend long seminar. I really needed it though, I just don't feel capable of much at the moment and feel like I am letting down Champ ('Mummy play? Oh, Mummy too sick.') and Cowboy ('Take away for dinner again darling?'). But now I am back to reality and had better try to find some energy to clean up before Cowboy gets home tonight.

05 February 2010


My Champ has made up a new word: Tesedar.

It took me a while to figure out what he meant. He has been screaming it from his cot when I put him down to his nap and to sleep at night for the last few days. I gave up trying to guess what he wanted and put it down to a bad sleeping patch (which he has had the last few days due to a stuffy nose ('ittle bit bocked nose') and hot nights ('air-con on, Mummy?')).

When I put Champ down for a sleep I say his prayers, turn off the light and then sing him his favourite song Brahms Lullaby. Lately because I have been feeling sick, I have been kneeling on the floor and leaning on the side of his cot to sing the song to him rather than standing up. He often stands up and comes over to me for a cuddles, nuzzles his face into my neck and sings with me. This part gives me goose bumps because his breath on my neck tickles.

Anyway, yesterday we were playing with his teddy in the afternoon and he said 'Oh, teddy tired, Tesedar Teddy.'. Then he picked up his teddy and nuzzled him into his neck. I asked Champ to do 'tesedar' and he climbed on to my lap and cuddled my neck 'ahhh, tesedar'.

01 February 2010

Landmark Moment

I just experienced my first ever pregnancy vomit (even including the entire pregnancy with Champ). So it looks like this monster can get even worse. Happy 7 weeks, Lucky!

On a happier note, it was Australia Day here last week and we had a BBQ at our place, Champ was wrapt with his temporary tattoos ('BAM!' he calls them).