25 September 2010

She's here!

Just a quick update:

Our beautiful daughter Beatrice was born 21 September at 9.47 am weighting in at 8lb 2 oz.

We had a 12 hour stop-start labour which ended with an hour of gas to finally get me those last 2 cm dilation. She was born naturally and came out screaming.

We are now at home and enjoying the start of a breastfeeding relationship which is taking up my every waking thought. Engorgement and cracked nipples at the moment but we are working together to get it right.

The hardest part is Champ. I want to play with him and be a good Mum, but am tired and sore and my emotions are all over the place.

Overall though we are besotted by our two lovely children and happy but tired.

16 September 2010


Move it along people, nothing to see here.

My due date has been and gone and I am trying to be grateful for the extra sleep I am getting, grateful that my baby girl is still where I can't hear her cry, don't have to change her nappy or split my time between her and her brother.

Each day my dirty washing basket gets emptied and all the clean clothes put away (thank you Spring time!), my freezer gets more and more stocked and my house is cleaned and polished. Each day it is all for nought as she doesn't arrive.

10 September 2010

'Still' here

I am 'still' here and Lucky is 'still' in my tummy.

I say 'still' because I haven't actually reached my due date yet, still half a week til then.

I promised myself this time that I would expect to go late so as to avoid this frustration of being in limbo waiting on her. But of course now that we are pretty much ready and I am not up for taking Champ out too much, and I don't feel I can plan anything past the next few minutes I am frustrated!

I have started getting twinges each night and so each night Cowboy and I kiss each other goodnight and say to get rest because tonight could be the night, and then morning comes and nothing.

So despite not even having reached my due date, I feel like we are 'still' here, ready and waiting.