14 November 2010

Where did those 2 months go?!

Just checking in with my blog - I have been reading all of your blogs from my phone as I settle Bea but I can't comment from the phone unfortunately.

We are doing well. Much better than we did for the first 6 weeks! I think the adjustment to having 2 kids is bigger than from none to 1! I really was a bit of a mess the first 6 weeks. I was a bundle of anxiety over her sleeping. I think it was much more to do with how Champ slept (or didn't) once he came out of the sleepy newborn stage and I was so anxious that little Miss would do the same.

Thus far though, she has proved to be a very calm little girl and even gives us the odd 8 hour stretch of sleep! Most nights she will go down at about 8 and then sleep til anywhere from 2 to 4 which is great for a 7 week old. SHe then settles back to sleep after a very quick feed and does another 4 hour or so stretch. Daytime sleep is another issue however, with her preferring the sling to ANY other method of sleep.