02 February 2011

Different children; different love

Just for the record, I adore my children. I think that Champ is the most intelligent, funny, adorable, handsome little boy that has ever walked the planet; I think Peaches is the cutest, loveliest and most beautiful little girl ever to have existed. I love them both and could not choose one I love more than the other. Yet I love them differently.

For Peaches I have this slow burning, constant, strong love. For Champ I have a fierce kind of love. I don't know if the difference is because of their ages, gender, temperament or birth order. Although I think maybe the latter two are more the likely to be the cause.

Champ, being my first born, I fell head over heels in love with. I had never experienced a love like that before. Because it was only him and me most of the time, I was able to devote my entire being to him. Obviously it is different with Peaches. I have other responsibilities so I can not spend all day admiring her soft rolls of flesh and marvelling at each new milestone of development. Yet I do cuddle her so much of her day and find myself absentmindedly kissing her as I play with Champ or go about our daily business.

Peaches is just so easy to love. She feeds well (and often during the day), she sleeps perfectly for both naps and nighttime and she is generally content to fit into our daily routine whether it be her needing to play by herself on the floor as I cook or clean nearby or spend the best part of the day being transported around with us on our various activities. She is a golden child. I think of her as my 'gift' for the journey I had to travel to have my second child.

Champ has challenged me every step of the way. He also fed well (day and night!), but tortured me with sleep deprivation (even now he often calls out for company during the night) and has always wanted so much attention during the day (although we are finally starting to learn the meaning of 'independent play' even though he still likes my company nearby when he does!). For all that he challenges me, I love him more!

It is amazing that two children brought up in the same house can be so different. I love their uniqueness and I just love them each so much in my own way, albeit differently.